Accused Murderer Of Pinellas Park Woman Escapes Capture

PINELLAS PARK, FL – Attempts to arrest a man wanted in the murder of Pinellas Park musician Caroline Morton-Hicks led to a standoff Wednesday night, April 11, with the U.S. Marshals Service in Alabama.

Morton-Hicks, 59, was shot and killed Feb. 12 around 9:55 p.m. after leaving a rehearsal for the Pinellas Park Civic Orchestra. Morton-Hicks played the trombone with the orchestra.

After conducting an extensive investigation, Pinellas Park Police narrowed the suspects to 45-year-old Siddeeq Ma’Shooq, also known as Steven Brooks, of St. Petersburg.

Pinellas Park Police received a tip that Ma’Shooq was in Harvest, Alabama, a small town north of Huntsville, and contacted law enforcement in Madison County, Alabama.

Last night, Madison County law enforcement officers along with marshals of the U.S. Marshals Service attempted to take Ma’Shooq into custody on the Pinellas Park arrest warrant.

While trying to arrest Ma’Shooq, he took an elderly couple hostage, leading to a standoff with law enforcement. Eventually the hostages were released

unharmed but Ma’Shooq was able to escape.

Law enforcement is now searching for him.

Image via Pinellas Park Police

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